Black-Air HE

The Dandy HE light trap is the darkest light trap ever made. This trap is primarily used in sidewall inlets. 

The Dandy Brown-Out Light Trap is used in conjunction with evaporative cool cells. This combination offers a low cost method of maintaining good air flow and providing excellent light reduction. 

The Dandy Max-Flow Light Trap offers the best air flow on the market and provides more than the required light reduction.

This cellular light trap provides a minimal light reduction and is only recomended to be used for tunnel and sidewall inlets.


These cost effective and easily installed products block 95% of direct light from entering the house.

Side Shade
Fan Shade

Dandy Vent Boxes are used in conjunction with our HE and Honeycomb Light Traps.  We have the option of a Flushmount Inside or our Standard Vent Box to fit your particular need. 

Vent Boxes

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