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Fan Shade and Side Shade Test Results

The Dandy Fan Shade and Side Shade are our call to a changing industry. Designed specifically for Broilers, these shades block the direct light coming in from tunnel fans and sidewall inlets. The Fan Shade has a very minimal effect, approximately 2.5% reduction to airflow.

The Fan Shades, working in conjunction with our Side Shades, have been proven by numerous Integrators to reduce feed conversion, increase weights and improve mortality.

Light Intrusion Results by Auburn University

Air Speed and Static Pressure Results by Auburn University

Feed Conversion, Weights and Mortality Testing

OK Foods Test 1

8 Point improvement

OK Foods Test 2

3 Point improvement

Alabama Test House 1

10+ Point improvement

Alabama Test House 2

6 Point improvement

Case Farms Test 1

10 Point improvement

Perdue Farms Test 1

4 Point improvement


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