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What We Do

Dandy Light Trap models are designed to provide an exact amount of light blocking (dark-out) needed for a particular application.

Dandy has engineered superior light reduction since 1982. Through independent testing and on-site observation, our light traps are recognized around the world for their effectiveness and durability.

Our Advantage

Dandy’s Max-Flow is a stand-alone, full dark unit used in poultry houses to cover exhaust fans as well as Inlets in the absence of Wet Walls.

The Max-Flow light trap is used to provide complete dark-out capabilities in Pullets. We have custom sizes to fit your particular retrofit and a selection of sizes in our price sheet to fit any size or application.

Poultry Products

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Better Birds

With Our Superior Light Traps

Easy Assembly

Our products offer many configurations and are easy to assemble, making installation very easy.

High Level

Our products are proven to produce bigger birds, better mortality rates, and better feed conversion.

New Solutions

Dandy Fan Shade is the first light trap designed for exhaust fans in a broiler house.

Light Control

We design our products to allow you to control and completely block out natural sunlight.

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