Light Trap Extended Box

Light traps must be kept a minimum of 6” away from a fan to allow proper airflow and reduce fan restriction. By providing a housing unit that can hold a single unit and allow for separation from the fan, the Dandy Light Trap Box is an all in one fix for single units. Made from sturdy galvanized metal these units can be customized to fit several common size units.

Plastic Framing

Our Plastic Framing is made from extruded PVC and is a great option for situations where a continuous run or false wall of light traps is needed. The framing is custom made to the size required. Simply attach with screws to the wall on top, bottom and sides to provide full coverage and support for your light trap section. Our framing supports either the Brown Out or Max-Flow models. In situations where you don’t want to use wood, we offer an optional 10” metal brace. The metal brace can be added to the wall every 2 ½ feet for support.

Breathable Wall Framing Assembly Video


What size of extended box should I use in front of my exhaust fans?

We can suggest the size that better fit your needs and minimize the airflow impact based on your fan performance.

Should I use an extended box in front of the Intake inlets?

No. Extended boxes are designed to be used in front to exhaust fans. You can install the light trap using a regular plastic frame (you can use metal or wood as well) In front of your inlets, matching the size of them.

What sizes and other options are available for the plastic framing?

Framing can be made 16” to 96” tall and can achieve any desired width. Framing with metal or lumber can be achieved for most applications.  ***Dandy does not provide Metal or Lumber options – Contact your preferred installer to discuss options.

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