Cooling Pad Brown Out Combo System

The American Coolair Brown Out Kit for evaporative cooling systems provides substantial light control for greenhouses and can be easily installed on the inside or outside of your building.


It’s suitable for open top and closed top evaporative cooling systems. Easy, bolt-together assembly makes installation simple.


Made with aluminum top, sides, and bottom construction, with a heavy-duty galvanized support system underneath. Designed to fit existing American Coolair evaporative cooling systems and is available as a package when purchasing a new American Coolair evaporative cooling system.


Available in 5’ sections up to 110’. Can accommodate 3’ – 6’ tall evaporative cooling pads

Manufacturer Contacts

We manufacture light traps specifically designed to be used with Exhaust Fans or Shutters from all major Fans in the Industry

For sizes and details please follow the links below.

H.B. Graves

(904) 381-7532


Can I purchase the Combo Unit Directly from Dandy?

No. You need to contact American Coolair or L.B. White. They will help you design the Cooling Pad Brown Out Combo system that fit your requirements. Dandy Brown Out will be included with the Combo System.

How do I clean the light traps?

Using a leaf blower or air compressor to blow out any dust between panels as often as possible is the best way to prevent build-up. The light traps can be pressure washed when required.

Can I frame the Brown Out units to an existing Wet Wall / Cooling Pad System?

Yes. Please allow for ¼ to ½” added space to both your width and height for light trap Framing. The framing depth should be 10”. (Framing for a 60”x60” Brown Out will be 60.5”x60.5”x10”)

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