Breathable Wall

The “Breathable Wall” is a stand-alone, full dark unit that is used in greenhouses to cover exhaust fans as well as Inlets when Wet Walls are not used. Let your garden breathe while blacked out!


Utilize the Breathable Wall in an indoor grow room to replace light-deadening ducting that also decreases airflow. When used indoors, the Breathable Wall can be used to separate rooms into different photoperiods without the need for individual ventilation systems.


Available from 12”x12” to full wall size

Assembly Video

How It Works


How much restriction does the Breathable Wall add to my fans?

A better way to phrase the question is “How many square feet of light trap do I need for my house to operate properly.” We configure light trap square footage based on the total CFM that will be moving through the trap under specific static pressures. The Breathable Wall will allow 700 CFM per square foot of light trap. Please contact a Dandy Light Traps representative for help configuring Light Trap configurations.

What are the rough opening dimensions for framing the Breathable Wall?

Please allow for 1/2” added space to both your width and height for light trap Framing. The framing depth should be 10”. (Framing for a 60”x60” Breathable Wall will be 60.5”x60.5”x10”)

How do I properly clean my Breathable Wall?

Using a leaf blower or air compressor to blow out any dust between panels as often as possible is the best way to prevent build-up. The light traps can be pressure washed between flocks for a full cleaning.

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